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What Is The Best Oil For For My Vehicle?

First take in consideration of what weight oil is recommended for my vehicle.Check Your owners manual for the correct weight oil.Next take in consideration the mileage and how well the engine has been maintained.

If your vehicle is a model year 2007 or later and it requires the new CJ-4 diesel oils, you MUST go with the Synthetic 5W-40 Premium API CJ-4 Diesel oil. If not a CJ-4 requirement and the engine has high mileage, say over 75,000 miles, and the vehicle requires a 15W-40 diesel oil, I would go with the Synthetic 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil. If you have a diesel engine that has been maintained well or a newer engine, the best diesel oil is the Series 3000 5W-30 Hevay Duty Diesel oil. For engines requiring 10W-30 or a straight 30 weight diesel oil, use the Synthetic 10W-30/SAE 30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil.

Has this vehicle used AMSOIL in previous Oil changes?

If using AMSOIL lubricants for the first time and the engine has over 10,000 miles on it, it is recommended you use AMSOIL engine flush prior to switching over to AMSOIL lubricants. Our synthetic lubricants have a lot of detergents in them to keep the engine clean. If you do not use engine flush first to clean out the sludge and other varnishes from using conventionl oils, these detergents will start cleaning your engine and deposit the 'gunk' in your oil filter decreasing its service life. Therefore clean the engine first and then put the AMSOIL lubricants in your vehicle so they can perform as they were designed to perform. You will need to use one 16 ounce can per every 5 to 6 quarts of oil capacity.

Synthetic 5W-40 Premium API CJ-4 Diesel Oil (Stock Code DEO)

Stock Code DEO - This is the premium choice diesel oil for model year 2007 and newer heavy-duty and pickup diesel engines requiring API CJ-4 emiision quality oil standards. This oil withstands the stress of heat,soot, and acids to help prevent deposits, corrosion and wear. Broad viscocity range offers superior protection over a wide temperature range. This oil is recommended for the longest service interval established by the engine, vehicle or equiptment manufacturer unless oil anlysis is peformed. Compatible with all exhaust treatment devices and designed to extend the service life of particulate filters.

Synthetic 15W-40 Heavy Duty Diesel Oils

Stock Code AME - The Synthetic 15W-40 heavy Duty Diesel Oils are engineered fro all types of Off-raod diesel engines and pre-2007 EGR and non-EGR equipped on-raod diesel engines. High 12 TBN controls acids from combustion blow-by and EGR. High levels of detergency and dispersancy additives control soot thickening, oxidation and wear. Protects against bore polishing, deposit formation and ring sticking. Provides clean engine performance. Extended drain capabilities reduce downtime and motor oil expenses. This oil provides up to 25,000 mile or one year drain intervals in diesel pickups. It is recommended to use our our EAO oil filters along with this oil for maximum protection.

Series 3000 Synthetic 5W-30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil

AMSOIL's Best Diesel Oil

Stock Code HDD - Fuel efficient formula for off-road diesel vehicles and pre-2007 on-raod diesel vehicles. Contians the beefiest additive package of all AMSOIL motor oils. Delivers better wear protection than other popular diesel oils and effectively reduces fuel consumption. Series 3000 is ideal for EGR engines. It resists soot thickening and breakdown from heat, blow-by and acids.

Synthetic 10W-30/SAE 30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil

Stock Code ACD - Exceeds both 10W-30 multi-grade and SAE 30 striaght-grade viscocity requirements. Provides outstanding perfromance in off road diesel engines and pre-2007 on-road diesel engines. Extends drain intervlas. Fuel efficient formula for off-road diesel vehicles and pre-2007 on-raod diesel vehicles.


If you still have questions, please Contact Me by either calling or E Mailing. I want to make sure we get the right product for your application.

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